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Several issues on promoting the development of wood industry in China

Issuing time:2017-11-10 13:40

Expert forum on several issues to promote the development of China's wood industry Zhang Senlin (China Forestry Industry Association, Beijing 100714) of diversity, enterprise informatization, marketing management modernization and rationalization, product brand, to achieve the great leap forward of China's timber industry issued by central storm "on the published and implement as a symbol of accelerating the development of forestry" the attention of the whole society and support forestry environment is formed. The overall development of the economy, the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of urbanization have brought sustained and strong demand for the timber industry in china. Wood-based panel production has ranks second in the world, new products continue to emerge, the industry rate of profit growth of listed companies and attracting foreign capital large-scale enter, a corresponding increase in the industry technology and equipment level, also bring the enterprise organizational structure and the cultural market update, the integration of industrial capital Jiangsu Daya just unfolding and sales network is a saint a typical example of the integration of great promotion, will bring a qualitative improvement to the timber industry.

With the rapid development of wood industry in China, there are some new problems and challenges, such as raw material supply, enterprise scale structure and so on.  Need from the aspects of raw materials, scale, management, research and development, marketing, management, variety and product brands, to achieve leapfrog development of China's wood industry in the 1 raw material base of China's forest volume accounted for only 29% of the world, and about 22% of the world's population; reasonable supply of existing forest resources in the annual amount can meet the application 60% wood materials demand 300 million m3 rapid expansion, the contradiction between supply and demand gradually emergence, papermaking and wood-based panel materials dispute intensified. In order to stabilize the supply, stabilize prices, adjust the remaining places, the establishment of the enterprise's own raw material forest base has precedent in foreign countries, and achieved success, such as Weyerhaeuser Co have land 3 million Hm2, Fujian Nanping, Shandong Chenming domestic enterprises have been successfully create millions of acres of industrial raw material forest; the world's largest Paper Co Stora Enso Group signed with Guangxi in 2003 the peak group company, invested $150 million to create a fast-growing and high-yield forest base 150 thousand Hm2; Singapore Golden Eagle International Group invested $500 million invested in Asia Pacific paper forest pulp paper integration projects; Shanghai new upsurge in the existing 33 thousand and 400 hm2 (500 thousand acres) of poplar on the basis of a few years, reforestation 133 thousand and 300 hm2; Jixiang Group intends to build poplar forest base 66 thousand and 700 hm2; Shengda Group Planning afforestation 16 East Linyi has 16 thousand and 700 hm2 poplar, intends to 5 years before the development of 50 thousand Hm2; the Company Ltd. Is committed to creating industrial raw material forest current policy also provides financing, leasing, cutting and tax preferential of industrial plantation, the industrial plantation could be benefit from the rich investment projects and independent industry in February 2004, the State Forestry Bureau and the State Development Bank signed the development of financial cooperation agreement. The National Development Bank will be in 2004-2005 years for a total of 8 billion yuan of loans for key projects of forestry industry construction, to support key areas of plantation construction and forestry paper (including forest board) integration project, support key projects also recommended Ya farming forest and natural forest protection project and the State Forestry bureau. The improvement of the environment and the accumulation of experience, the implementation of the policy of afforestation, fast-growing species, the implementation of pipe production technology, the improvement of transportation conditions, have effectively promoted the construction of industrial raw material forest project 2 economy of scale of wood processing, wood-based panel industry is the basic raw materials industry, economies of scale factory is the inherent requirements of the basic raw materials industry only to reduce fixed costs per unit, meet and exceed the economic breakeven point, enterprises have sufficient strength to create a raw material forest, develop new products, talent pool, brand building, in order to implement the advanced technology, more efficient use of resources, recycling and obtain good economic benefits in accordance with the modern the theory of competition, improve the competitiveness of the three: the best products (low cost, differentiation), customer solutions (reduce customer costs or increase profitability); The system lock (lock out competitors, supplements, to form the standard) and economies of scale are closely related to the current market trends optimistic about the domestic particleboard as an example to realize this three kinds of promotion, twentieth Century 50s and 60s m3 70s, annual capacity of less than one thousand years to produce 15 thousand M3 production line into "blast machine", only reached 50 thousand in 80s and 90s m3/a manufacturers can maintain a good business, and the similar plants overseas scale is usually above 100 thousand M3 and a cluster of small scale enterprises, but a regional phenomenon, such as plate Hebei Wen'an; Jiangsu Cuiqiao floor; Nanxun floor; Linyi, Shenyang, Changsha plate; Juning floor plate together; Xuzhou Pizhou agglomeration can bring demonstration effect, supporting collaboration, resource sharing, information exchange and many other benefits. Although companies rush, but those standards and uneven in quality, the product can keep pace with the times, or actively introducing foreign investment and upgrading, or improve product quality through the integration of the enterprise, also have a broad living space, and among the backbone enterprises in the forest so, according to China's national conditions, through the great integration, enhance the market, support enterprises bigger and stronger, gradually dominated by large enterprises and medium-sized enterprises (including regional industrial concentration group) enterprise scale structure as the support, the small business assistant.

3 internationalization of management is the best way to use two resources and two markets to improve the quality of enterprises. The export of labor-intensive products is our advantage, should encourage more enterprises to participate in the international division of labor and international competition, the effective allocation of resources of two 4 varieties of diversified wood-based panels were better than in the physical and mechanical properties, dimensional stability and surface decoration performance, solid wood, is the main substitute of solid wood, widely used in strengthening wood floor base material, furniture, interior decoration, interior decoration, car sound box making and packaging etc.. In the fierce market competition, the varieties and styles of terminal products are constantly updated, and the variety and performance of raw material wood and wood-based panel products must be diversified.

With the development trend of the wooden floor as an example: in order to improve the water resistance, flame retardant, Naiteng antistatic performance of the product, the production process is continuously improved, such as: wear resistant decorative paper directly covering decoration, or precious species veneer, and silicon carbide and other hard material penetration of veneer in surface strengthening the substrate, is into thin sheet or single board use trail wooden, splicing and stacking into boards or multilayer limb plate. Product diversification is the need of fierce market competition, is the need to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, is the need to improve the efficiency of enterprises.

5, the development and take-off of enterprise information enterprises should be based on information. Accurate and complete information is the necessary condition for the development of enterprises. It is necessary to adhere to the industrialization of informatization and promote informatization with industrialization. A new way of industrialization with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full utilization of human resources has come into being.

The richness of resources determines that modern industry must be informational. The manpower and material resources, policy, environment and execution are resources, information and resources, entrepreneurs should be experts in the allocation of resources, entrepreneurs with the help of information grasp and allocation of resources, information system to complete the internal and external environment of the organization in the complicated and ever-changing information collection, storage, processing and distribution, to support the organization's plan and management, decision-making, coordination and control, so that the system can run efficiently the globalization of information has greatly improved the value of information, with the help of the information system can be convenient for trade and business in the global scope and tube through the use of the latest information, eliminate management business processes and the implementation of the delay, so as to improve the competitiveness. Using modern information technology to improve the visibility, timeliness, accuracy and integration of the enterprise information. Application of enterprise resource planning system, ERP decision system, business intelligence, customer relationship management, supply chain, office automation and other modules can do business processing, information feedback, performance monitoring, real-time monitoring of market response.

6 marketing rationalization American Marketing Association defines marketing as: 1 plans and execution of ideas, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods, services, and creativity to create a process that is consistent with personal and organizational goals. As a kind of art and science, marketing management needs to choose target market to gain, maintain and increase customers through creation, transmission and communication. Due to lack of industrial timber marketing concept, China's timber market is in disorder, confusion and lack of faith, full of fake and shoddy products, the market price competing competition situation, to the enterprise and industry brought immeasurable losses should strengthen market management, promote honesty, key customer first made public trust is the real customer satisfaction. The "customer first" is even beyond the expectations of customers to provide products and services. In order to obtain the rapid development of China's timber industry, we must attach great importance to the satisfaction of consumers to our products in order to make our timber products develop in the domestic and international markets.

Collect information, analysis of needs and trends of the macro environment of chain operation, logistics, e-commerce and other modern means of circulation, measurement and analysis of the current market demand even small and medium-sized enterprises, as long as you find the right products, accurate market positioning, even wood flooring, wood line, wooden toys can be found in their own market position the global industrial division of labor in the target of segmentation, localization and marketing by individual 4 levels of market segmentation in a market wide discrimination is more refined by various groups; those who were identified in the group; localization level, marketing for trade area and neighboring regions, and even individual customized marketing activities in the store; the individual level of marketing, and other companies to carry out a mass customization.

7 the management modernization and the enterprises of strategic planning have obvious growth advantages. In terms of the production scale of wood and wood-based panel enterprises in China, small and medium-sized enterprises account for a large proportion, and generally lack of strategic management. The modernization of enterprise management is the only way for the development of an enterprise. We should start from the following aspects: first, to meet the basic needs of customers, and then to meet the expected demand, and gradually reach the state of customer satisfaction, which is the lifeline of enterprises; straighten out the concepts and principles, learn modern thinking and operation norms. All good enterprises are a combination of vision, core values, fair exchange, free competition and other business logic. This is the idea and principle advocated by the founder of the company. It is also the source of the company's sustainable development.

Improvement and perfection of aiming deviation. Only by constantly updating the concept of enterprise, improve the management level, relying on scientific and technological innovation and constantly update their products, to the fierce market competition in an invincible position in the initial stage of the practical work is often hard and slow, but insists the results will become more and more prominent, which is called the flywheel effect of big business success is the pursuit of pragmatic a series of measures for the sustainable growth of the values of professional, focused, meticulous, rigorous; professional and highly specialized products 7 single operation. In the market segmentation, strong American company model, such as Coca-Cola King law, is becoming more and more specialized, more and more subdivision.

After subtraction, multiplication, refinement management, concentrate efforts to do fine, through 8 product branding core technology, plus management strategy equal to the brand. The transfer of the history of the world manufacturing center with a host of technical breakthroughs in economic globalization, even if there is a possible, but not part of the value of the independent intellectual property rights, mostly in the hands of others with the help of the world industrial structure adjustment, in some industries to China transfer opportunities as a starting point, to promote the products to Chinese the world is extremely beneficial if only regard it as the ultimate model, blindly copying other people's products, can develop its own technology and brand, everything will is not the root of the "flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum industry". Low level expansion of plant and equipment investment is often the past copy, the harvest is only the improvement of production capacity, when the market is limited, the benefits will decline.

Brand is the concentrated expression of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Core competence is the basis for enterprises to gain long-term stable competitive advantage. It is the organic ability to integrate skills, assets and operating mechanism organically. It is the result of the implementation of internal management strategy and external transactional strategy. Only when the competitive power of the enterprise is valuable and scarce, others can not completely imitate and can not be replaced by competitors, enterprises have the real strength to continue to enhance the loyalty of the brand.

The brand is the social trust, reputation and visibility of the uniform, including 4 levels of meaning: first, the brand is a trademark; second, the brand is a symbol, is third, the brand is a gilded signboard; a kind of taste, a word of mouth - style; fourth, the brand is the consumer products and related key experience, brand is the intangible assets, can be transformed into value, because the brand represents the consumer's identity. There are many reasons for consumers to like a brand, such as the cost advantage of product, the stability of quality, the leading content of product technology, the consumer psychology, the good product publicity, the consumer's conformity psychology, etc.. Once the brand loyalty is established, the enterprise is actually on the fast track of sustainable development. However, it is not easy for consumers to love a particular brand, so we must firmly establish the business philosophy of "customer as God". We should always put the interests of consumers in the first j, to win the trust of consumers, make their own brand of youth recently, State Quality Inspection Administration third times of wood floor products quality supervision and spot checks, a total sample of 52 products from 52 enterprises in Beijing, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan, Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan and other 13 provinces and cities, 41 kinds of qualified, product sample pass rate of 78.8% in Zhejiang Province Bureau of quality and technical supervision in the last year before the Spring Festival on the floor of the market to carry out special quality supervision and inspection, a total sample of 90 batches of the floor, 59 batches of qualified, qualified rate for most enterprises 65.6%. China's timber industry brand awareness is still quite weak enterprises to create their own brands, in addition to the need to have their own core technology, strict management system, excellent customer service. Besides, there should be a good f market environment, a large number of low-end products fill the market, disorderly competition, so that some capable, also have the desire to produce high-grade products, brand products enterprises hit, this is a must be overcome. The brand is gradually formed, must persevere, unremitting efforts, foreign famous companies of famous brand products are through long-term hard efforts to obtain.

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