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Innovative application of drying equipment

Issuing time:2017-11-10 12:59

At present, in domestic drying equipment sales, economic drying equipment accounts for about 50%, to meet the needs of the domestic market; Universal drying equipment accounts for about 45%, to achieve large-scale production; Advanced drying equipment accounts for about 5%, varieties greatly increased; Economic drying equipment to achieve batch export capacity, universal drying equipment gradually expand export, advanced drying equipment export breakthrough.

To become the main body of technological innovation, enterprises should be associated with universities and scientific research units in various forms, so as to make reasonable allocation and utilization of resources, and effectively cultivate and develop the innovation ability of enterprises. We should continue the policy of reform and opening up and extensively introduce and absorb them. New capabilities cannot be imported. We need to expand integration of technology and trade and speed up independent innovation. We should introduce, digest, absorb, transform, and make independent innovations.

In terms of technology, research on automation, testing, manufacturing process and material appearance design should be strengthened. In application research and development, attention should be paid not only to international exchanges and cooperation, but also to the protection of intellectual property rights. We should not only pay attention to the development of new technology and new application fields, but also pay attention to the innovation and innovation of traditional technology and traditional application fields.

Policy support is the guarantee, and relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity to make continuous innovation and progress on the basis of the guarantee given by relevant policies of government departments. With the support of independent innovation and policy, the production of drying equipment should conform to the trend of The Times and the trend of market development

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