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The exhibition center
Ho Chi Minh Woodworking Machinery Show 2015
2016 Beijing Woodworking Machinery Exhibition
Dubai Woodworking Machinery Show 2017
Ho Chi Minh Woodworking Machinery Show 2017
Dubai Woodworking Machinery Show 2018
Woodworking Machinery Exhibition 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa
2018 Shanghai International Woodworking Exhibition
Ho Chi Minh Woodworking Machinery Exhibition 2019
2019 Shanghai International Woodworking Exhibition
China-asean Expo 2019
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Address: Yunan Village, Haiyu Town, Changshu City Telephone: + 86-1377-6215-625 Fax: + 86-0512-52597239 Email address:
Our products
BG183A three layer mesh belt type veneer dryer
BG183 two layer mesh belt type veneer dryer
BG133 series roller type veneer dryer
BS series thin wood stainless steel mesh belt veneer dryer
BG19 series compound veneer dryer
BG1933 mesh belt composite veneer dryer
BSJ double cylinder hydraulic lifting platform
Bg1344-12 +2 Four layer roller veneer dryer
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